The fabric of comfort… the fabric of independence… over centuries, cotton has come to be associated with a many several ideas to the contemporary Indian. So much so that it is also the thread of soulfulness and serenity.

At the core of these ancient Hindu practices that continue to flourish across households, these 3 cotton threads and the rituals associated with them go on to reiterate how our relationship with cotton is timeless and goes beyond our wardrobe.


The white thread received by young Hindu boys over a ceremony and worn for a lifetime across
their chests.


The red thread worn by men on their right wrists and by women on their left wrists while attending a puja.

Nada Chhedi

The string of red and yellow-dyed cotton that is tied on an attendee’s wrist during Kankanam Bandhan as well as to bless various objects used on auspicious occasions.

At Cotton Cottage, we continue to strive to cherish this special bond we Indians continue to have with the cotton weave. Each of our apparel is crafted using the finest cotton weaves from across India and features authentic hand printed art. Because for us, cotton is a weave that doesn’t just feel good on the skin; but also on our soul.

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